Industrial wind turbines burn, they fall, their blades fly off....    When this happens in a field, at least 1.25 miles from the nearest home, the damage is minimal.   Can you imagine this happening in a neighborhood or near the Bournedale Elementary School?  New Generation Wind LLC would have you believe this couldn't happen here, yet they offer no guarantees or plans to ensure that they won't...would you want to live with that risk over your head?   

 When industrial wind turbines burn, unless the community has access to a plane that can conduct a chemical drop, firefighters have no choice but to let it burn itself out.   They also have no control over where the debris lands. 

Click here to watch this video, shot near a major freeway (Route 25 anyone?  Canal Road?)   The firefighters have no choice but to let this fire burn out, sending toxic plumes of smoke and debris flying through the air.